True Love of True Creator
True Love knows no boundaries

These is a beautiful and intense initiation that will fill you up with an unprecedented level of Infinite Love! It’s a state that you will probably want to experiment from now to infinity and that will change your perception forever!

Spirits are inter-connected in the True Creation and also in the imposed distortion that we know as Malevolent Creation – the difference is that through ignorance the captive Spirits are deluded to produce malefic energies in this network and administrators of physical world will take care of that. Beings used as slaves to produce energy for the reptilians, and living in a nightmare world designed for them (physical universe) where they are programmed to think they are free. This nightmare is about to finish and human beings will be aware of their origin – True Love!

Your Center of True Heart is subject of True Love Of True Creator. Be sure to constantly concentrate True Love Of True Creator in your True Heart.

Relying to True Love can only protect you, as you are subject of constant aggression in various forms. Concentrate True Love Of True Creator it in every aspect of your being, your life and your Spirit! Just concentrate True Love Of True Creator accordingly to your projects, and make them be True Love! There are no boundaries. You are The True Creator!

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth