True Creator
Your turn now

This is the Supreme Initiation that you can receive in the Physical Plane until now and the ultimate state of awareness: being Infinite Love, True Creator and The Infinite.

Once reaching the Infinite Mind, being Infinite is a natural way and the true design of True Spirit. Being the True Creator is the design of everything comprising the True Creation. The final stage of Zalmoxis Initiations is the recognition and identification with Infinite Love, The True Creator and The Infinite. Zalmoxis was referred as to be the first to be human and Creator in the same time. Your turn now!

Go through this process anytime you want and anymore times you need, until the complete synchronisation. Your True Heart will be the True Creator’s Heart. Your True Center will be The Infinite

Go to the Center of The Infinite and affirm with your True Heart, “Infinite, I am Infinite and please manifest within me to the infinity”

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth