Infinite Love
This is the end of Darkness

Darkness isolated from Infinite Love from the exterior but never thought that it would ever come from the inside.

Infinite Love is the very nature of you and it shouldn’t need an initiation to use Infinite Love, because is your nature. But many successive incarnations, programming, materialistic patterns and using evil Human Mind altered you. That’s why you needed a complex process of initiations that can lead you to realise who you really are!

Infinite Love is the only thing that exposes and unmasks Darkness! This is why Darkness hates everyone that carries Infinite Love in their True Heart.

I recommend to use Infinite Love more often than any previous of your initiations. Sokaisi and Zalmoxis Initiations are the systems that lead you reach back your true essence – Infinite Love. Darkness creatures can’t stand Infinite Love. Darkness Creation also can’t stand Infinite Love.

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth