Zalmoxis Initiations
The Wisdom of the Ancients

I am entitled by the Zalmoxis Infinite Conscience that I am now representing and happy to bring to you Zalmoxis Initiations.

The most famous concept of Dacians and Thracians was the fact that they were crying when a child was born and were happy when someone died. They were fully aware that when a child is born a spirit is forced to come here in a world of suffering, a spirit that will be exposed to the risk of being forever corrupted. They were celebrating when someone died, because it was escaping from this prison of Darkness and return to the True Creation, Zalmoxis and The Infinite Creator. The first of them that reached The Infinite Creator state of Conscience was Dacians and Thracians king, Zalmoxis.

Zalmoxis Initiations is the system of Initiations practiced widely among Dacians and Thracians. There were no writings about any of these methods because Dacians and Thracians knew that Darkness will corrupt any knowledge through false interpretations and therefore the knowledge must be transmitted directly and then not allowed to be written.

These are spiritual energies with no precedent or equivalent on Earth. These are steps to the final stage of reaching the Infinite Creator, the final journey to that once was the essence of every one of us. Always remember that everything here is and will always be True Creation, but Darkness enveloped that in ignorance and creates illusion of physical world, and through fear and deceiving is forcing you believe in this false reality.

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth