White Light Of Creation
Become a true Master

The supreme goal of your Spirit is to identify with The Infinite Creator. White Light of Creation will lead you to that stage of consciousness.

Maybe you are a little surprised hearing that your reality is to identify with The Infinite Creator. This is our absolute nature and you were created as that. We were separated only by this blockage of dark energy that surrounds the fake creation of Archons, entirely antagonist to True Creation. But they cannot interrupt the True Connection! They are relentlessly working on undermining it, but are the only one that could ever give up this True Connection with The Infinite Creator!

The Infinite Creator is within, and has always been within You! Focus on this affirmation and you will feel the difference. It is extremely simple and efficient! White Light of Creation is the manifestation of The Infinite Creator.

Once attuned you can mentally use White Light of Creation. For example, you could use White Light of Creation for self-tuning purposes. Concentrate White Light of Creation into your every cell, molecule, particle or quantum particle as much as is needed to transform them into White Light of Creation until definitive manifestation. You can do the same thing with all your energy fields, bodies, energies, organs, glands, fluids, your entire Being, Soul, Spirit, Ego, Super-Ego, Mind and every structure of you, until all these will be White Light of Creation.

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth