Christic Force
The Creator inside

Christic Force is not related to church or any religious manifestation. The church still remains an instrument of power and control over people as it always was, keeping people in ignorance.

Christic Force places The Creator inside, and should not be confused with church nonsense. Christic Force will be the capacity of condensation of the True Creator within your power of action. The Creator itself cannot reach this dark energy field that acts as a tumour in the whole Creation, and therefore manifests through people like you. Matrix controllers have imposed an extremely strong blockade of any Light energies that might reach this planet. This is the reason this energies are now manifesting through you.

By receiving Christic Force and spreading it you could reach the level of superior conscience. The Creator will see through your eyes and will act through you.

Christic Force now manifests outside The Creator, because if it will be within, it will be The Creator Itself, and now that’s supposedly be you.

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth