Kofu Initiation
A cutting edge powerful energy

Your power now is beyond any Light or dark energies that ever existed on this planet, (and that will conflict the reptilian strongest programming of your mind) because that reveals how fragile is their control over humanity.

Kofu Initiation is a privilege of the few. From ancient times Initiates kept their secrets and unveil it only to a certain number of students because just a few were truly committed to serve the Light. Reptilians can corrupt anyone and thus is very important to chose disciples from those that have a vast spiritual background from other lives when they also served The Light, and the discipline that wouldn’t allow them to be corrupted so easily. Many of you were initiates from centuries ago and you formed the spiritual elite of this planet from immemorial times. Many of you are travellers that served Light is different times here. You are now among the spiritual elite of future Planet Earth.

This Planet will evolve and will get rid of reptilians forever. There will be no other way, and that time is not far away. We kicked them out from other planets, we’ll do that here, once again! We started their irreversible fall!

Everything is in your power now and only yourselves will decide any of your limitations. You have a cutting edge powerful energy – Kofu and many more that awaits. Use your mental abilities and you will be free. You will certainly succeed!

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth