Sokaisi System
First Stellar Transformational Attunement System on Earth

All archonic things will break down in front of new energies that will fill this planet. None could avoid this and no one will remain unaffected, and this will break down the slavery imposed by the controllers of planet Earth!

We are named initiates. Do not expect to be many, in fact we are just a few, but quality is above quantity. We are a fraction of the entire world’s population. Only a few managed to get rid of the archon control. All the new energies that I bought to this dimension will help this planet and the new vibrations will wake up more of us. Sokaisi System will allow those who find the courage to cross borders, to see beyond and increase their possibilities. Sokaisi System attunements will allow new energies to work within you and this system is a perfect instrument to gain more knowledge, explore and expand your consciousness and help others break this slavery.

All these energies are absolutely brand new here on Earth and obviously have nothing in common with any existing spiritual knowledge from Earth.

Anyone asking for the Sokaisi System attunements on my behalf will receive them immediately performed by my manifestation in infinity. No matter when you will ask for it, now or whenever you want, of course will take into account only for those asking for it.

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth