The Infinite
Manifesting right now

We all originated in The Infinite. We was The Infinite before the Evil Minds entrapped us in this Evil Creation and forced mimics and synthetics upon us in order to delude us and keep us in slavery.

Everything will be changed with the moment when you will be aware of our Infinite nature! The Usurpers that entrapped us are an auto imposed antithesis to Infinite, in the presence of the absolute sterilisation of their chosen position. They just have only one chance to exist: consuming the energy of True beings entrapped here and to seeking to expand to entrap more True beings. The expansion was stopped and the fraudulent “creators” will be soon out of any resources. And they are desperate because this artificial plague, that is like a second compared to infinity, is heavily agonising.

We was deluded through false Gods in order to forget that we came from The Infinite. This is the most feared knowledge for Darkness and was systematically hidden with any costs.

There are really infinite ways to work with The Infinite but I will suggest first to wipe all mimics and synthetics that entrapped you until now: chakras, Soul, Kundalini, True Heart, Mind, Subconscious mind, Karma, Destiny, former lives, human love and relations, your Universal Matrix. Also your etheric body, emotional body, mental body, astral body, celestial body, causal body, Earth star, Soul star in fact everything that originated in the Evil Creation, everything synthetic imposition of Darkness.

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth