Almighty Love
Unprecedented level of Infinite Love

You will find yourself at unprecedentedly higher spiritual frequency and tuning yourself to Almighty Love will grant you access to a new level of Consciousness, the True Creator or True Love Consciousness.

You are the eyes and the ears of True Creator in this Malevolent Creation. Remember, the Malevolent Creation is like a tumour in the True Creation and The True Creator could just simply disintegrate in a moment but this will lead to destruction of innocent spirits trapped here. So The True Creator adopted another strategy: send some high Consciousness here in this tumour to spot the way it works and to take action! You are the eyes of The True Creator as doctors use an endoscopic camera inside the patient to know how to take action. This is the main reason that most of you have the third eye blocked – Darkness and its minions desperately try to prevent you from seeing its machinations. And the reason that Darkness minions hate you so much is because Darkness knows that your presence here marks the very last moments of its existence!

Either way you’ll use Almighty Love or you’ll ask the True Creator to concentrate them on a specific area, to take action on a specific purpose the results will be amazing.

You are now reaching your True Consciousness. This is the reason we can ask The True Creator absolutely anything – now we are finally again on the same frequency!

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth