Koso Rays
Attune yourself to higher frequencies

My name is Kosatoiso and I came from The Infinite! On Earth I am Kosatoiso’s extension and this is the reason I received the energies. My will is to share it with this world and I was entitled to do that regarding the future of this Planet Earth.

Planet Earth is full of evil people that hide their true intentions behind nice words. Many of them are nothing but biological robots controlled by Darkness. In most cases they had a dark consciousness that is replacing the original consciousness that was absorbed into Darkness at the starting of their process of serving Darkness. These people choices will primarily oppose yours, because they are controlled by dark entities that they cannot comprehend and they aren’t aware of. They are nothing but slaves in machinations that they are totally unable to understand, a programming they accepted and make them strongly refusing to believe any Truth. They are Darkness perfect minions, completely blinded and completely under control, a nightmare extended at planetary scale.

Here is the key to exit this nightmare. Your first steps toward healing and spiritual freedom. And there's no better healer than you. Because no one works on your best interest better than you!

You will be lead progressively to changes in many areas of your life and it will be better if your efforts will be centered on this. The old patterns and energies will fade away or simply will be replaced and even habits you try to get rid of from long ago will go away. These attunements will lead you to a new being, free from many harmful effects of so-called civilization, religion or politics, this greedy society of programmed bio-machines.

The Highest Spiritual Initiations on Earth